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About Fabiola Reina Design

Fabiola Reina is a professional artist | graphic designer with a BA degree in Architecture who grew up in Indonesia and is currently living in Seattle, WA. She has traveled the world & her fine art and photography have been displayed in multiple exhibitions and have been involved in many art walks in Asia and the Pacific Northwest.

Artist Statement

Fabiola Reina's background in Architecture and her love for nature interweaves into her artwork and creates a sense of geometry and spatial balance in her compositions of natural & simple inspirations of every day life. Her application of colors brings out the life and emotion of the objects, celebrating the uniqueness and brilliance that every thing in life has to offer, including the ordinary, simple & what otherwise might go unnoticed.

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Buddha of the Future

Buddha of the F...

by Fabiola Reina Design


Sea of Cans

Sea of Cans

by Fabiola Reina Design


Seashell By The Seashore

Seashell By The...

by Fabiola Reina Design