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About Farahnaz Oliyaie
My name is Farahnaz Oliyaei. I was born in 1965 in Semnan, where I married in 1979 and lived for some years. In 1983, I received my Diploma in Human Science and continued my life, growing my 3 sons. I have always been interested in starting a career in painting and I finally got a chance to seriously put my foot into the art world and begin my art career.
Artist Statement

I have been painting since 2017 and I decided to follow it up diligently. By painting and relying on mental power, besides technical power, I try to create a mental and sometimes de-constructive world. A space of quick and immediate access to roles and combinations, of a still state that is not really stagnant but concentration and pressure. A space full of emotion, energy, warmth and life; a combination of the outer and inner world in life. A world that is sometimes full of freshness and humor and sometimes bitterness and even chaos.

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Untitled Acrylic Painting by Farahnaz Oliayie

by Farahnaz Oliyaie

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