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Fariba Taheri Esnaashari


About Fariba Taheri Esnaashari

Fariba Taheri Esnaashari
Was born in 1962 in Tehran, Iran

Art Categories: Drawing and Painting
Artistic Career since 1995

Recent Art Achievements and Exhibitions
2016 - Appreciation Certificate for 4th Annual “Cityscapes” Contemporary Art Gallery Competition in Maryland, US
2016 - Special Recognition Award by Light, Space and Time Gallery in 6th Annual "Figurative" Competition, Florida, US
2016 - Participation in "All Colors" Online Exhibition by CAGO, May 2016, Maryland, US

- Color pencil Painting, Realism with Sharareh Zandian, 3 years
- Drawing, Figure, Still-life and life drawing with live model with Aydin Aghdashloo, 2 years
- Watercolor and Color pencil Painting, Realism with Reza Fallahzadeh, 3 years
- Acrylic Modern Painting with Nosratollah Moslemian, 2.5 years

Art Activities
- Teaching Still-Life Drawing and Painting for Adolescents - 2 years

Artist Statement

These are the sprinkles of inner thoughts from a woman who has been living a very conservative life among people for years and now trying to evoke her feeling through images and colors.
In the midst of all the darkness and daily moodiness, a ray of light appeared and through learning about new beautiful colours, she has immersed in them and created artworks to show the reality of her mind and by guidance of her teachers, walked into another world.
Her heart full of colours, she sprinkles her heartache on the canvas to release herself from material world and left a relic of her feelings behind.

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Fake Acrylic Painting by Fariba Taheri

Fake Acrylic Pa...

by Fariba Taheri Esnaashari


Interaction and Conflict Acrylic Painting by Fariba Taheri

Interaction and...

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Rising from Darkness Acrylic Painting by Fariba Taheri

Rising from Dar...

by Fariba Taheri Esnaashari


Untitled Acrylic Painting by Fariba Taheri

Untitled Acryli...

by Fariba Taheri Esnaashari