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American artist Felix Velez is best known for his ability to design different styles. He uses various mediums and techniques, from Twisted Wire Sculpture, that he started at the age of 16 to a Weather Driftwood Carving and Figurative Life Size Bronzes. He is one of the few sculptors who once owned his own bronze foundry. A self-taught artist incorporated the way of life in his sculptures. One of his best known life size bronze sculpture of Albert Einstein, title ‘Transcending Time," was purchased by the University Center in South Dakota and selected by National Geographic. Today Felix Velez specializes in customize and limited edition bronzes for buildings and homes. He continues to look for ways to discover new possibilities to challenge his imagination. Each piece of art, figurative or abstract, is an original and innovative designed

My Artist Statement

My art work is a combination of life, striving to create what influences me by everything I
see, feel and experience. I focus on the environment and human nature. I like to bring history into our time by recreating life-like sculptures from famous personalities like Einstein.
While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project, my methods are consistent. When working with clay or any medium, it is important to acknowledge the meaning of the sculpture. The topic matter of each body of work determines the materials I need to incorporate in the making of the sculpture, like clay, wood or metal.
The experience is very rewarding when molding with my hands and capturing that moment in time. Sculpting is my way of being creative without limits. I continuously look for ways to discover new possibilities to challenge my imagination.
Each piece of art, whether figurative or abstract, is an original and innovative design. It is delivered with excellence, performance and integrity.

My Location

I am located in Loveland, Colorado.

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