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Her Painting are owned by...
� Santiago, New York, Leipzig, Barcelona, Viena, Oslo, Par�s, Lisboa, B.Aires, Miami and Dallas.
(1991-1993) Self taught phase. Using a Na�f style, she creates almost 150 pieces, with an original technique using paint for cloth over canvas, where Scandinavian legends, myths, tales and fantasies are the main theme.
Between 1993 and 1996, she gets into oil with Alejandro Lizana, painter and president of the National Society of Fine Arts.
In 1994, she starts an intensive course with Master Eduardo Castillo and finishes her studies with the outstanding painter Mar� Eugenia Reyes (1997-1998).

After developing her Na�f for two years, in 1993 she became an active member of the "National Society of Fine Arts".
In 1995, she inaugurates her first individual exhibition. Until now, she has done many exhibitions and art related work.

Nowadays she develops the role of director of the "La Reina plastic artists association"

Main Exhibitions
�(1993) She exhibits in the halls of "Na�f paintings" and "Members paintings" of the National Society of Fine Arts.
�(1994) She participates in the "X Autumn Meeting" of the National Society of Fine Arts
�(1995) She attends the "National Meeting of the National Society of Fine Arts" and performs her first individual exhibition in the "La Reina Rotary Club" Hall
�(1996) She exhibits in the city of Vi�a del Mar in the "Mar Futuro" Hall. Show, organized by the Universidad del Mar and the Re�aca Cultural Center.
�(1997) She's invited for second year to attend the "Mar Futuro" Hall in Vi�a del Mar.
�(1998) She participates in the first and second exhibition of the "La Reina Plastic Artists" promoted by the La Reina Cultural Center. She ends the year developing another individual exhibition in the prestigious "Ebro Deontological Institute"
�(1999) She takes part of a collective exhibition in the "C�mara Chilena de la Construcci�n Cultural Corporation". She exhibits her work in the "Fabrics" Gallery, and then takes part of an event organized by the National Association of Cancer. She also makes a great exhibition in the prestigious hall "Marcos Bont�"
�(2000) She produces a cultural exhibition in Algarrobo, in the Cultural Center of this important beach resort.
�(2001) She inaugurates her own web site: www.flaten.cl called "Cuentos que me cuento" (Stories I tell myself)
�(2001) She exhibits all her work in the Vi�a del Mar Casino.
�(2001) December 1st, she promotes and produces the "First Celt - Scandinavian Encounter" in the "Plaza de los Insurgentes" Caf� in Santiago, Chile.
�(2002) Individual anual exhibit "La Gargola" Events Gallery
�(2002) She participates in the Celtic Music Encounter Duoc Theatre
�(2002) She participates in the First Medieval Fair Encounter "Festus Hibernus", Campus Oriente Universidad Cat�lica de Chile
�(2003) She is selected and invited to participate in the Art Biennial of Comtemporary Art of Florence 2003.
�(2004) Exhibition in the Event " Women in the Arts 2004" , in the Latin American Art Museum of Miami (U.S.A)
�(2004) Exhibition in the Gallery " Desde La Pl�stica", in Buenos Aires ( Argentine).
�(2004) Exhibition in the Gallery " N�cleo de Arte" , in Buenos Aires ( Argentine).
�(2005) Exhibition in Gallery " Portal de La Dehesa" in Chile.
�(2005) Exhibition in the " Agora Gallery " , in the Soho in New York.(U.S.A.).
�(2005) Exhibition in the Gallery Estrategia, who belongs to the Newspaper Estrategia.
�(2006) Exhibition Art Expo from New York.
�(2006) Leipzig Exhibition, Art Domain Gallery.
�(2006) Exhibition in New York , Gallery World Fine Art.
�(2006) Exhibition in New York, Jadite Gallery.
�(2007) Exhibition in Barcelona, Sal�n de Invierno.
�(2007) Exhibition in Espacio Cultural Pere Pruna, Barcelona.
�(2007) Exhibition in Galer�a Hibisco, Lisboa.
�(2007) Exhibition in Galer�a Zero, Barcelona.
�(2007) Exhibition in Gallery Loyd, Oslo.
�(2008) Exhibition in Galerie Thuillier, Par�s.
�(2008) Exhibition in Tribeca, New York.
�(2008) Exhibition in Museum of the Americas, Miami.
�(2008) Exposition in Bas�lica Santi Apostoli, Rome, Italy.
�(2009) Individual exposition, La Canasta Pub-Restaurant, Maitencillo, Chile
�(2009) Individual exposition in Barcelona, Galer�a Almirall , Spain

�(2009) Solo Exhibition Hall La Liga Chilean - German
�(2010) Exhibition Ward Nasse Gallery, New York

(2010) Solo Exhibition� Arte de Amores � hall, Chicureo, Chile

(2010) Solo Exhibition � Hall of the Chilean � Germany league�, Santiago , Chile
(2012) Art Takes Times Square( Artists Wanted) , New York .

(2012) Exhibition Art Galleries Europe, París .

(2013) Exhibition Art Galleries Europe,, London.

(2013) Exhibition Palais Schönborn (MOYA) Vienna, Germany.
» (2013) Exposure Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, United Kingdom.
» (2013) Ca'Zanardi Palace Exhibition, Venice, Italy.
» (2013) Exposure Legislative Palace, Montevideo, Uruguay
( 2014) Exposure Filatelic Society of Chile, Exhibition " Polar transits".
( 2014), WHO IS WHO ART INTERNATIONAL SAMI, Galerie Étienne de Causans , PARIS
( 2015 ) Individual Exhibition . Artifact Gallery , Manhattan , New York
(2015) Individual ExhibitionGalería Arte Mundo Sur , Santiago , Chile

Main Awards
�(1993) First honoring mention in the oil section of the "X Autumn Hall" of the National Society of Fine Arts.
�(1998) Best Assembling of the year Award. The award was given in the "Ebro Deontological Institute"
�(2004) Award " Menci�n Honrosa" in the expo "Artistas Latinoamericanos" at the "Arte Expresi�n" gallery in Buenos Aires.
�(2006) Award of Merit in ArtExpo of New York
�(2006) Medail and Certificate of Excelence Palm Award, Art Domain Gallery , Leipzig, Germany.
�(2008) Award of Excellence, Artoteque, London.
�(2009) Medail and "Menci�n Honrosa" award, Sal�n de Invierno at Barcelona.
�(2009) Gold medal, Bas�lica Santi Apostoli Exposition, Rome, Italy

(2010) Award of Excellence, Palm Art Award , Leipzig, Germany

Main Publications
� "Art in America ", World fine art Gallery, New York , U.S.A 2006 - 2007.
� Book "Arte Contempor�neo Imagen y Cr�tica ", Buenos Aires , Argentina 2007.
� "100 Contemporary International Artists ", Museum of the Americas.
� "Whos is Who in Visual Art " , Leipzig , Germany 2008 - 2009
� NY Arts Magazine

Aesthetica Magazine , London , United Kingdom, 2010
Artist Statement

Her artworks are inspired in the Norwegian and Patagonia landscapes. In her thematic you may see the series : midnight sun , auroras borealis , norwegian mithology , arctic voices , polar transits , Patagonia Boreal , Heritage , among others.

Flaten began working with oil till know , during 20 years , a medium that provides her with the stability and desired pattern of expression—allowing her to represent properly the legends, myths and the dreams that nest in her mind and in her blood. In the last 12 years Flaten works with oil and Pigment of lapislázuli ( the blue stone of Chile ) , in a mix technique . Cecilia Flaten ……. Magic Landscapes inspired in the Norwegian Mithology and in Patagonia´s Lands.

Flaten began working with oil till know , during 20 years , a medium that provides her with the stability and desired pattern of expression—allowing her to represent properly the legends, myths and the dreams that nest in her mind and in her blood. Her work is a great meditation on natural elements .Blending the fluidic atmosphere of the sky with the blended appearance of the horizont : she captures the interaction of light and the absorption inside landscapes . It is a magical and poetic work.

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