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About Forestheart
Mary is owner of Forestheart Studio, teaching and selling supplies for weaving, spinning, rug hooking, dyework, beadwork, glass beadmaking and fusing and watercolor painting (among other things, as the muses and her enamorment shift).
Artist Statement

I work in many media- all part of the same dance for me. The elegance of mathematics underlying so many natural forms and systems has always engaged me. Hybridization between media allows my divergent thinking to mix things up: my watercolor painting informs my dyework, my weaving informs basketry and surface design; triaxial systems are familiar from beadwork, and I've applied the concept of triaxial work to labyrinth design and warm glasswork.
Selected passages of my watercolor paintings become tesselated in paperwork kaleidoscope cards and Platonic solids.

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triaxially woven varigated blues silk strips

by Forestheart

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