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About Froggy Swamp Arts
I'm a native of Rhode Island and Massachusetts who misspent much of
his youth haunting the woodlands and beaches of southern New England -
there discovering the marvels of the rich natural clay deposits that
abound throughout the area. From this virtually unlimited supply of
raw material, I began sculpting images and pinch pots, firing them in
crude wood fire pits. Sensing my enthusiasm for "mud," my High School
Art teacher pushed me towards sculpture - all the while making sure my
drawing and painting skills were developed through evening and summer
courses at The Rhode Island School of Design.

Graduating from high school, I moved on to the University of Rhode
Island while working as a landscaper and stonemason to pay the bills!
Two glorious years as a Studio Art Major gave way to "practicality" -
who raised his ugly head at the end of my sophomore year. Whereupon I
made the switch to the dismal science of Economics before graduating
and heading straight into the Army.

The next four years were spent as an artillery officer in West Germany
waiting for the Soviets to come charging through the Fulda Gap. With
thoughts of World War III aside, off-duty hours found me wandering
through and marveling at the myriad wonders of the great gothic
cathedrals and medieval palaces of Europe.

On returning to civilian life, I joined my family's contract furniture
business, where I designed and sold interior environments for
Corporate America in and around New England and New York City. Life
continued along that path until the unlikely combination of a
soldiers' reunion, and a renewed friendship with Ceramicist Guy Zoller
of River Water Art Works, revived my youthful passion for clay forms.

One thing led to another and by 2003 I had jumped back "into the mud"
and created FroggySwamp Arts LLC. Since then it's been my tremendously
good fortune to have collaborated with many other artists and patrons
in the creation of unique ceramic Cooking Vessels, Fermentation
Crocks, and Decorative and Utilitarian Sculpture.
Artist Statement

And at the end of the day, I hope all owners of pottery and sculpture
(MUDBUBBLES) made in the FroggySwamp studio enjoy my work half as much
as I do in creating them. Check out the Gallery section of my website.
If you see something you like, I'd love for you to join the ranks of
my collectors and patrons. And if my work inspires you, do contact me.
We'll try anything!!!

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Sunflower clock

by Froggy Swamp Arts

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