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1942 born in Kleine-Spouwen, Belgium.
1965 study of Nordic Art and Music at the University of Oslo, Norway.
1966-1970 living in Bonaire, Dutch Antilles.
1970 back in Belgium.
197072 painting and drawing at the Academy in Hasselt, Belgium under the tutelage of R. Vandereycken.
197782 painting and drawing at the Academy in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium under the tutelage of H. De Volder and V. Neels. Sculpture with H. Tersago.
1989-1997 living in Hamburg, Germany.
1997 back in Belgium.
1990 participant in the summer academy Pentiment in Hamburg, Germany.

My Artist Statement

In my work I am driven by fixing my life and experiences in MEMORIES : my inside and outside world like they appeared to me in the 21rst century : different worlds, different languages.
My inside world, a world of thinking, creating, universal in feeling, free in form because memories are transformed brain pictures.
My outside world, pictures of our society, political and international events, selected from magazines, journals, mostly violent: wars, old worlds without ameliorated human civilization like Goya already painted them, but transmitted in a contemporary form.

My Location

I am located in SINT-NIKLAAAS, .

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