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My work centers on translating reality into the imaginative through means of abstraction. When one creates imaginative worlds, one can impose an inventive order that is often lacking in everyday life. I am interested in how most roles in society require us to be in, to describe, analyze, and to define what’s “real”. My motifs are about the present and the absent, actual and simulated with a desire for escape and discovery. The compositions are visually elegant, loose, and gestural which speak about the pure act of mark making. I am interested in letting the artist’s hand show, allowing room for mistakes and embracing them, instead of erasing the marks that occur. Through the open spaces I convey a sense of hopelessness and emptiness. By morphing realistic and abstract forms together I illustrate dualities of life and death, growth and decay. My paintings and drawings have a faint surrealistic quality, containing delirious innuendos and hints of the oneiric. Through order and disruption and hide and seek I create something outside of everyday reality, space or an environment to invent another realm of order. I investigate these notions of order by creating a parallel tension through forms that define but eventually disrupt each other; echoing the way humans function in relationships and families. At the same time I strongly refer back to nature and science because however much we seek the fictional, we live in a tangible reality.
-GeoVanna Gonzalez

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The precise lyric digests a untrue mayor

by GeoVanna Gonzalez

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