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Mark Stine has worked in stained glass for almost 40 years since his first introduction to the medium at age 11. Primarily self-taught, he strives to create artworks that are innovative, original in design, and precisely crafted. Mark has been a one-person stained glass studio since 1975, and has completed commissions for restaurants, hotels, houses of worship, corporate offices, and many hundreds of residences throughout the United States. Mark also creates one-of-a-kind stained and beveled glass artworks for sale. Mark has received numerous awards for his artworks, both at the annual Glass Artists Fellowship glass show and at other arts and crafts shows around the country. He also sells a class on precision stained glass making on DVD, which has been sold to hobbyists and professionals in more than ten countries.
Artist Statement

As I have "grown up" with stained glass and the industry that has blossomed around it, I have witnessed a decline in the overall level of craftsmanship and original design within this medium. While there are many reputable studios and individuals producing excellent work, the medium has also been flooded with hobbyists-turned-professional, many of whom have gone into the business of stained glass before having mastered the medium. Worse still, a large percentage of these people teach stained glass in order to supplement their lack of full time commission work, further spreading poor attitudes and shoddy techniques.

At first, I thought, "No big deal... the shoddy workmanship of others will only serve to make me a greater success in the field."

But declining standards in the stained glass medium eventually affected even me. For example, most galleries and stores that specialize in art glass will no longer display the medium of stained glass. The common perception nowadays is that stained glass is not an "art form" equal to other art glass media such as fused glass or blown glass.

This lowering of the art world’s attitude towards stained glass saddened me to the point where I decided to do two things that might have a positive effect on the state of the craft. First, I created a web site that offers information about the quality of stained glass craftsmanship and design to craftspeople and consumers alike. Second, I created an instructional set of DVDs to teach good techniques to those wanting to learn stained glass.

Today, my web site is not only a gallery of my artworks, but also a "crusade" for raising the perception and the reputation of this widely loved and often-misunderstood art form. I have included web pages that outline how to recognize good craftsmanship and pages that discuss the issues that arise during the process of commissioning stained or beveled glass. It has been my hope that this information will make savvy consumers out of the stained glass buying public and also motivate stained glass artisans to rethink their attitudes toward this medium.

My ongoing focus as a creative artist is to create works of stained glass art that inspire the viewer in some way. Some are meant to be reverent, some irreverent, some whimsical, and some just pleasing to look at. I have produced artworks in many styles and genres, both to satisfy clients and to satisfy my own desire to explore what inspires, what sells, and what is truly possible in this challenging medium. I currently accept commissions worldwide.

I hope that you will enjoy looking at these examples of my art. I am always available to answer questions or talk about potential commissions.

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