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I have been a Professional artist for 25 years. My subject matter ranges widely depending on my surroundings and experiences at the time. I work in a number of mediums which I have mastered over the years. Currently my interest is in ancient cultures and Religions. My continued self criteria is to create unique works of which involve from more than one technique and material and impress every collector with something new and fresh for the senses.

Artist Statement

I believe art has a special place in the mind of every individual where one can learn to see the world and beyond in new ways.
Quality art should be available at every social level and it is up to us, the artists, to make sure it is. Art is a reflection of our collective consciousness as a whole and a gateway for a better understanding of each other's past, present and future.

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Inca Shaman

by Gutierrez Art


Sun Shaman

by Gutierrez Art


Deer Head Shama...

by Gutierrez Art


Mayan Priest

by Gutierrez Art


Keeper of Wildl...

by Gutierrez Art


Apache Crown Da...

by Gutierrez Art


Elk Head Shaman

by Gutierrez Art