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About Linda Ekstrom

Linda Ekstrom completed her MFA in Art Studio at the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1996 where she teaches in the studio art program in the College of Creative Studies. Her work has been included in both solo and group exhibitions including, Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica; Montgomery Museum, Pomona College; Center for the Book, San Francisco; Center for the Book, New York; Kellogg Museum, Cal Poly, Pomona; LIMN Gallery and Quotidian Gallery in San Francisco. In addition her work was included in the international exhibition, “Faith” at the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield Connecticut; “Sacred Texts” at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and, “City Dialogues” at Barnsdall Museum, Los Angeles. Ekstrom’s work has been reviewed in Art in America, Sculpture Magazine, the Los Angeles Times and numerous other publications.

Artist Statement

Art is one of the fundamental ways humans make meaning. It is a way we name the world; it is how we see relations between parts, it functions in the evolution of language; it reminds us that something is sacred.

Nestled at the core of my works are issues of tenderness, longing, and a desire for connection. There is ritual in the twisting, cutting, stitching, fastening and unfurling of things. There is devotion in deciphering a logic of association between the components. And, even in those things that do not make the final cut, there is the mystery of failure, the profound opening into another choice, a chain linking miracle to miracle to miracle.

Words are the central subject matter of my work. Books are transformed, seeking for the spiritedness of the text, giving to the words a visual vitality. Found text lines are deconstructed, rearranged, tangled, or obscured. Selecting text fragments and weeding them out of their context, releases the text from a fixed meaning. Narratives have been cut apart and illuminated in new ways to see the whole of the narrative as a textual form. By giving abstract form to the text, I am seeking for a tactile way to read.

Linda Ekstrom

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eternal return

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open secrets

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