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Zita Vilutyte is a Lithuanian artist.
The artist has developed her own personal style by the understanding of the world, as well as the Universe, as a fundamental unit, where there are not divisions or fragmentations, on the contrary, she sees the whole existence as a multidimensional space intrinsic and subtly connected. In that sense, she does not recognize the polarities and determinations of many philosophies as part of her works, instead of that, she assumes a position where the uncertainty, the subjective, the relative and the possibility, among others, come into existence as ‘holistic’, a term which is an inherent and deep concept of her art. Zita Vilutyte’s art represent an original and complete view of human existence, that she manages to reach by using different techniques such as: painting, graphic, music and dance-theatre. There, she enters into the complexities of life, hope, love, breaking out with the rationality and embracing the intuition together with profound concepts on psychology, mithology, folk-art, ethnology, religions, poetry, literature and anthropology among others.
From 1992 she organize personal exhibitions and take part in joint creative theatre, music and art projects in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, India, Croatia, Holland, Germany, Russia, Italy. In 2011, she took part in two Art-Festivals in Denmark –Kerteminde International Art Festival and Scandinavian Art Festival. The same year Zita Vilutyte got ‘Bronze Award’ in International Art Competition, “Netherlands Five Golden Stars International Art Gallery”.

Claudio Gustavo Capaccioni

Artist Statement

Create holistic art- music,painting,graphic,theatre ect.

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Just Blue

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