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Hengameh Abedin was born in Tehran and graduated from Allameh Tabataba'i University with bachelor of business economics.
She started painting academically at 1989 in Ali Faramarzi's atelier and continued it professionally after discovering Aydin Aghdashloo (Master Iranian Painter) Painting classes since 1993.
She published her first collection of poems “Singing with Love” in 2000 and from then impression of poetry increased in her paintings and so the impression of painting in her poems.
Beside painting and exhibiting her works, she is also teaches painting in her personal atelier and publishes her articles about Iran Art in various art magazines.

My Artist Statement

My painting universe is influence by poem and poetic atmosphere. The universe with advantage of symbols,old and new fashions and compounding of themes.
The universe with somnambulism and awakness, coexistence with reality which is sourced from my imagination.
My specific point of view to human who is just a component of the main,and again returns to himself.
All of my paintings inspired from my mind,spirit and all of it's elements inspired from my historical memory, people and objects, social and cultural platform which i have lived in.
My paintings came from abstraction to figurative and conversely.

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