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Hildy Maze is best known for her oil and paper abstract contemplative drawing, painting collages, exploring the investigation of mind. In her messy paradise, which is her studio. Her curiosity is with the process of connecting to the flawless from before any beginning unconditional basic nature of mind. Though her process and handling of materials she intimately describes the obscurations to this flawless nature we all have. Her work is influenced by her practice of Tibetan Buddhist meditation involving the recognition of the intrinsic nature of mind. Hildy has exhibited her work throughout the U.S. including NYC, Long Island City, Brooklyn, California, Bejing, China. She has won numerous awards and is in several private collections in the U.S, Europe, and Asia.

My Artist Statement

This abstract contemplative work relates with a personal way of looking at the self as continually conflicted trying to keep alive the fiction of its existence. The images are an intentionally unfinished aesthetic that embraces the unresolved, open-ended, imperfect, intimate relationship we have with ourselves and others by investigating the mind looking at itself.

None of us can avoid thoughts, but through awareness of our pitfalls, beauty, strengths & insecurities we can open windows into the mind. The core of my abstract contemplative art practice is to visually embody our discursive thought patterns & emotions that obscure the recognition of our flawless nature of mind. I’m interested in how the mind works as insight into how we relate with one another, how we create me-ness through form, emotions & consciousness, and how we hide in that creation. I would like to engage others with these images & titles as an entrance into self-reflection, perhaps influencing an awareness of the comfort & discomfort of our endless recurring thought patterns. Although an expression of my experience, essentially it’s no different from anyone else’s. How the mind works and how we get hooked on our thoughts & emotions are the same. How conceptual, judgmental mind inspires and defines our behavior is the same. Essentially this work is about all of us and the unconditional, non-conceptual nature of mind we all have. With this awareness we can know the nature of our world and perhaps begin to know more about the turmoil the world is in.  

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I am located in East Hampton, NY1.

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