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Viktoriia Dmytriv

About Viktoriia Dmytriv
I was born in a small town in the western part of Ukraine in 1996. Since early childhood art was an essential part of my life so becoming a painter was just a matter of time. At the age of 17 I joined the Lviv National Academy of Arts where even today I'm getting my Master's Degree in monumental painting. I often partake in different art events such as plain airs, symposiums, exhibitions. It definitely helps with to broaden my outlook and intake new and fresh ideas which is vital in art field. "From abstract expressionism to graphics" is my art summed up in a few words. I like interject some figurative elements into the sufficiently abstract composition. At first look the disjointed symbols have their own unique history as well as their own emotional aspect. My goal is not to impose the viewers with my own interpretation of its history but rather to provoke a reaction of their own associative order of thought with the help of common symbolism. Different daily images are among my strongest inspirations, the way they transform in my consciousness and the eventual output.
Artist Statement

Most of my works are graphic, primarily relying on the technique of monotypes. The colors of my work tend to be restrained and minimalistic. It includes graphic black and accent colors (lemon, pink, blue). An important component for me is a grid, which also carries an ideological component. On one hand, it is a filter through which all of the chosen images pass. On the other hand, it is a barrier that will never completely cover the what is being portrayed. In addition to the grid, I use images of hands, lips and eyes. These are the parts of the body that carry the most expressional charge. All of these images create different stories. There is no one static meaning behind them, so everyone can find and read their own meaning through the image.