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Anna Omana was born and raised in Tachira, Venezuela. After receiving a business degree from UCAT University in Venezuela, she moved to USA in 2005 to pursue her studies and artistic aspirations; she eventually enrolled in graduate level studies in Fashion Design at Parsons NYC. Anna currently resides in Philadelphia, her biggest passion in life is evidently fashion but she also greatly enjoys oil and acryllic painting in her free time. Anna has been taking private art lessons with an established artist to improve her technique since 2007. She has been so inspired by her latin american background that she uses it as the main theme in her paintings. Anna uses bold, colorful strokes and tries to capture the feeling that her latin origin invokes in her. A clothing designer first, Anna is also a self taught jewelry designer. In June 2010 annaomanaArt jewelry was featured in a fashion show and a photo shoot. Anna Omana remains very active and will have at least two solo jewelry fashion shows and presentations each year, while also working on her clothing line aspirations.

It is important to note that Anna Omana jewelry collections are entirely hand made and one-of-a-kind. Beaded jewelry with sterling, fabric and leather are seen in every design. Her main inspiration is once again her Latin roots. All work is unique and features precious and semiprecious stones, lava rock, white, blue, red and other coral, different seeds, shells, leather, etc.

Anna Omana collections will be available in retail stores in Philadelphia. She also works with individual clients to create custom pieces for different occasions.
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