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Irina Dorofeeva is a silk artist living in South Bend, IN. She creates unique collections of silk paintings and silk scarves hand painted with different themes and motives. The silk painting technique she uses is called SERTI. In SERTI (French for "fence" or "enclosing") technique, designs are formed with gutta or resist liner and then subsequently filled in with silk dyes or paints. Irina studied this technique in Russia, the country which is known for cultivating the SERTI technique over centuries. Outside of Russia SERTI became popular in Western Europe, particularly in France, after Bolshevik Revolution. During that time, the members of the Russian Czar's family dispersed throughout Europe. Many fled to Paris, bringing with them the secrets of the SERTI silk painting. Irina moved to the US in 2006 to enter the University of Notre Dame as a graduate student in mechanical engineering. However, she soon realized that engineering is her interest, while the art of silk painting is her passion. She loves to learn new things and continually improves her skills through taking art classes and experimenting with new techniques. Her rigorous training and broad range of skills allow expressing her artistic vision through intricate and original designs. Right now Irina participates in exhibitions and shows around the country, working with galleries on consignment and publishing her works in art related journals.

My Artist Statement

Silk painting has been a primary fascination for me over the last several years. I enjoy exploring the diverse effects that come when I apply paint to silk. This, further sparks my creativity. My works are the mixture of abstraction and reality which reflects my particular experiences in life. Some of my works focus on nature and are inspired by landscapes. Other works portray the beauty of plants and flowers, their forms and colors. I find that all these themes interconnect as sources for my art. I am interested in composition, in arranging of shapes and colors, in exploring the diversity of forms and structures. I find that silk painting is the best medium to do that. In this manner, I try to connect with the viewer through my work. I try to share the pleasure of discovering beauty in the world around me.

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I am located in South Bend, IN.

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