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Artist Statement

With a professional background in clinical psychology, I am immensely interested in issues that concern the brain, including fluid intelligence, brain activity, right- vs. left-brain, and the influence of experience and memories on our perceptions. These, among others, are the issues I explore through art. Paintings, the use of wooden building blocks ó fashioned after a 1930s intelligence test, and shadow boxes all create a body of work that visually interprets the brainís mystery and beauty, and at the same time explores neuroscience on both a symbolic and visual plane. Much of my work calls attention to the dichotomy between the man-made and machine-made, and abstraction comes into play in many ways: a rigid under-layer is often overcome by a wash of color and gestural, playful marks; stream-of-consciousness meets a mechanized world . . . much like the two sides of the brain. A variety of media, such as birch, color printers, lightweight paper, and inks, acrylic, oil, and gouache all serve as the tableau for a conversation I hope to inspire between art and audience.

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