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About James Simon
James Simon was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a
professionally trained lutier / violinmaker turned sculptor whose workhas been interpreted as a fusion of High Renaissance technology,contemporary art, and primitive form.
His extensive travels and richexperiences with other cultures
and peoples give his work a unique,original, multicultural perspective

Educated in the early 80s in the art of violinmaking in a private
Apprenticeship in Oxford England, Simon is known for his dramatic large-scale mosaic and sculptural works such as the Liberty Avenue Musicians In Downtown Pittsburgh, the Perry Harvey Gateway sculptures in Tampa Florida, and the Renaissance Man in Vallauris. France. He works in a variety of mediums, including glass and tile mosaics, concrete, bronze, and marble.
Artist Statement

“What grounds my work is the belief that art is a celebratory
experience. I came from a family that pulsed with music and dance. I have traveled the world, spending many years living in Brazil, Mexico, Australia and England. What each of these cultures shared, and what is reflected in my work, is the primal impulse towards creative expression situated in daily life that uplifts the human spirit. I trained as a violinmaker, a renaissance art that demands precision and discipline. My work utilizes the discipline of this classical training while incorporating a “street freedom” of contemporary life.

The heart of my work is to pay homage to a community’s history and activity while representing its contemporary life. To create a magical environment. “

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Garden Lady sculptures, by James Simon

by James Simon

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