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Artist Statement

Expressing my creativity has always been an important part of my life. Drawing, collage and particularly photography were the focus, starting in my early teens.
Now I am primarily an intuitive painter. My subject matter is as varied as are the materials I choose for my work. I reject limitations and pigeonholing- I passionately believe in experimentation and open ended creativity as essential for true self-expression. I draw inspiration from the world around me as well as from my own life experience and internal creative spirit.

I do mainly acrylic and mixed media art, working in a variety of materials, styles and techniques. I incorporate found objects and collage materials in some works, and I often utalise tools and items not originally designed for artwork, as part of the creative process.
Viewing all artwork is a personal and subjective. and highly individualistic experience. This is particularly true with works that are abstract and non representational. Therefore, I prefer to let my art speak for itself, rather than ascribing some predetermined and limited meaning.