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Cheshire, Ct

About J.E.Fine Art Studio

I started painting, drawing and creationg at a very early age. It also helped growing up in an artistic family business in glass. I learned skills in painting, firing,and forming glass. I opened my own studio designing and fabricating glass windows, lighting, and home acessories. I spent 2 years in Germany exibiting in trade shows. When I returned to tha States I completed my Bachelors Degree in the Visual Arts from S.U.N.Y. I then completed my Masters Degree in Rehabilitation. I worked for the State of Ct as an Art Therapist. I maintained my commissioned work in stained glass and reverse painting in lighting. I continued to experiment in formulating and refining my passion with impasto and porcelain.

Artist Statement

"To Err is human, to Create is Divine."

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sun flowers

by J.E.Fine Art Studio


Shades of Blue ...

by J.E.Fine Art Studio


Magnolia Path

by J.E.Fine Art Studio


Weeping Cherry

by J.E.Fine Art Studio