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VT Browne, a Canadian living in Alexandria, VA has been busy building their inventory of paintings.

Originally from Alberta, VT has been interested in art and architecture for some time. This is the first paintings made available to the public.

Original Oil Paintings by VT Browne. Most paintings one would describe as realism. Landscapes, still lifes and portraiture are featured. Affordable.

My Artist Statement

I love to paint and create. I have a masters degree in business administration, but I enjoy creating more than anything else. Painting, photography, gardening, house decorating, it is all about creation.

Eaves Productions is a shop set up to sell the creativity of VT Browne. We appreciate you stopping by.

At the present time all paintings come framed. The frames have been picked to accentuate the colors in the painting. They typically will be either, black, brown silver or two different styles of gold. We hope you are pleased with the contrast that they provide the underlying painting.

I have taken lots of classes and have my own studio space. I have been enjoying my art and I hope you will too.

The landscapes are, for the most part painted from Northern Virginia,Greater Washington, DC area, Southern Alberta or Ontario. The sailing scenes are from boats on the Potomac River. The still lifes are of flowers found in the farmers markets of the Greater Washington area. And the portraiture are also, for the most part, paid models who serve the artistic community in Northern Virginia.

At some point we may also post some of the photography that VT has taken as well. We appreciate you stopping by to see the many works available here.

My Location

I am located in Alexandria, Virginia.

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