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Jim Great Elk

Blue Creek, OH

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About Jim Great Elk

I have been a lifelong artist, and as I walk thru the 69th Circle of Seasons… I look back on those markers along the trail who help hone my current artistic expertise. I am an alumni of the Dayton Art Institute and have studied under world class artists including Francis Hanna Dunn Crumrine (École des Beaux-Arts), Ruth Eyrich (National Watercolor President) and several others.
My work primarily is in pen and ink, water colour and assemblage.
Our studio and home is in the deep verdant Shawnee State Forest of Ohio, where I share my life with my wife of 48 years and our 2 year old lab mix.... Shadow. It is here that the wellspring of the Ancestors constantly inspires.

Artist Statement

I am a Shawnee Okama, a storyteller, or teacher, and it is my job to teach thru my art, my inheritance. As we journey together, I pray my work will inspire you, excite you, challenge you, or in other words, cause you to think and feel Indian. When you think Indian, you begin to understand the meaning of our journey.
My art is in both national and foreign collections, The art, no matter the media or form is imbued with my Native Heritage. As a Shawnee Elder and Chief Emeritus, I draw from a lifetime of shared wisdom, and intuitive skills. You will find a Journey within each of my works.
As you view each offering, I pray that it may cause you to experience that which is the Mother Seed, from which grows our comprehension of what is truly “Indian” . . .
…and that is my job.

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Walum Olum

Walum Olum

by Jim Great Elk