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Jim R Harman

About Jim R Harman
Jim grew up in southern California. He graduated from Long Beach State College, Long Beach California in 1967 with a BA degree in art. In the early 80's, Jim took a number of classes at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. For 30 years Jim worked in the jewelry trade. Part of the process of creating custom jewelry included carving wax models to be cast by the lost wax casting method. The process of creating wax models for jewelry and bronze pieces is much the same. For Jim, the transition was seem less. As a lapidary artist, Jim's bronze pieces showcase his stones. Jim's lapidary work can been seen at, www.finedesignercabochons.
Artist Statement

I have two bodies of work. In my earlier work, the PRIMORDIAL RECOLLECTIONS series, I used animal bones as the foundation for my pieces. As animal bones have a sculptural quality on their own, I gave them a new identity. Not just bones.
While these pieces are highly modified, they offer an opportunity to show case stones that I have cut. My current focus is on bowls and vases. Most often, a vase has one hole and is the same on all sides. Expanding of that concept, I am making vases that have two sides. Each side has a different look. Some of my vases have multiple holes. Typically, my vases are about two inches front to back. If you tire of looking at one side, you can turn it around. Two different looks in one vase.