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Joel Patience Watercolors
About Joel Patience Watercolors

Joel’s watercolor paintings are based from trips to Italy and across the Pacific NW. He enjoys capturing both the natural and manmade settings that make up these special places.

Artist Statement

The most enjoyable parts of travel are the memories you bring home. Travel and watercolor painting used to go hand in hand as a way to hold those memories close. As far as Joel is concerned they still do.

Joel’s watercolor paintings are based in a working knowledge of urban planning and construction - people interacting with their environments. His watercolor paintings reflect the artisan design styles and workmanship that has created these special places

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Moraine Lake

by Joel Patience Watercolors

Positano Sempre Bene

by Joel Patience Watercolors

From the Prince of Wales looking South to Glacier NP

by Joel Patience Watercolors

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