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About Jo Galang

Jo Galang first began to cherish the swirls and waves of the paintbrush at a very young age. The fourth in a family of seven children, Jo was the designated artist—the go-to sister when someone needed a drawing for class, or a creative installation as a project. In university, Jo learned more about art under the tutelage of former professor and friend, known artist Danilo Dalena, who is famous for his paintings and editorial art during the 70s. Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Andrew Wyeth, Pino (Pino Daeni), Richard Scmid and Mark Boedges are among the many artists who inspire her and her work.
Jo moved to British Columbia Canada during the early 80s and built her family. She found work as a graphic artist; put her passion aside and took on the role of a devoted wife and a loving mother. After years of employment in a highly technical post, Jo decided that she was ready to go on her own—setting up her own graphic design business. However prosperous, there remained a single pinch of longing inside her—it was that subtle sound of brush-on-canvas and the slow unfolding of a personal masterpiece that reined her back.
Juggling family life and her business, Jo managed to finally find time to paint. She would stay up at night, find solace in her home studio, and lose herself in painting—her first love. She would soak up on imagery during the day—watching people, searching for that warm-lighted landscape—and paint under the cloak of night. While everybody is fast asleep, Jo’s seed is finally breaking ground and rising out into the world.
“The human figure has always been a fascinating subject,” shares Jo. “The beauty of the human form, the contours, the expression on people's faces, the emotions I see through their eyes, the play of light and shadows, are what I find inspiring,” breathes the artist. “Landscapes have always been one of my favorite subjects. Texture and light in nature excites me! One of the things I easily get attracted to is light and shadow in nature, textures, the shape of things, warm and cool colors juxtaposed together.”
Equipped with the fiery desire to make and share her vision on canvas, Jo has committed to pursue painting. Her impressionistic and realistic fusion of art, combined with her dedication on making audiences experience warmth and joy finally comes into the spotlight.

Artist Statement

My art is a representation of how I view life and the world around me. If I can relate to my viewers my feelings about my subjects through my paintings, then I have achieved my goal as an artist.

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A Moment in Time oil by Jo Galang

A Moment in Tim...

by Jo Galang


Afternoon Tide oil by Jo Galang

Afternoon Tide ...

by Jo Galang