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About John Chehak
John’s medium of choice is acrylic on paper and canvas using brush and palette knife. In the past few years, his work has taken on a new and unique personality of vibrant colors, symmetry, and compelling presentation. Chehak describes his many mesmerizing styles as having developed from the need to “un-trap himself” from an artistic routine in an effort to explore other expressive and imaginative opportunities. He has been described as a mid-century style artist, a cubist, a minimalist reminiscent of Braque and Picasso, and a few years ago, an online reviewer wrote, “Native Iowan John Chehak is a masterful draftsman and painter…His wide expanse of expertise and style make his artwork a treat to explore.”

Regardless of description, Chehak strives to create original work in style, color, and subject matter. He is motivated by the mere fact that just one more person enjoys his work enough to hang it in their home or office.

He has been featured on the University of Iowa’s website the Daily Palette; in 2002 was chosen to display his artwork in the Iowa Governor’s Mansion; his Urban Crowding was selected as the January 2010 Cover art for JMCP magazine; in 2015 John’s Iowa Landscape was chosen as banner art for the MFA Creative Writing Program at Iowa State University; and early in 2016, he finished a successful one-man show at The Biomedical Research Facility at the University of Iowa Medical Campus in Iowa City, IA. Currently, Mr. Chehak has patrons in more than 40 states.

For the past several years John and his wife Debbie have successfully participated in exclusive juried art fairs in Chicago, Evanston, Minneapolis, Edina, Omaha, Elmhurst, Winnetka, Geneva, Oconomowoc, St. Charles, Peoria, Des Moines, and Madison.