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Born to Royan Anthony Devaraj and Jayamma Thomas
21 2nd cross GH layout , 3rd Block jayanagar,Bangalore 560011 India
Mo 0091~09886306366

Formal Education in Civil Engineering
Practicing Sculptor, Painter, Architect, Cinema and stage Art Director, Musician, Film Maker, Photographer, play Wright, Actor, Puppeteer Facilitator and Consultant for culture, youth and children’s organization and events.
Sculptor, Painter
Created sculptures and art action, workshops in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Czech republic, Norway, Netherlands, Yugoslavia, France, USA, UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore,
Portugal,..Lectured and held art exhibitions extensively in the US, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary Including carving of a 25feet tall antifascist monument in Murzsteg, Austria. along with refugee children from Yugoslavia.
Created a mural with earth and water brought from 60 countries in the UN, New York in 1999 with child soldiers, Young voices in the UN, for the study and presentation of Garcia Machel
~ The Impact of Armed conflict on children.
Created 18 public monumental sculptures in the city of Bangalore, and Mumbai.
Held over a 1000 exhibitions all over the world many on the streets of south India, in an effort to take Art to the people.
Created public monumental sculptures with thousands of people especially children participating to create symbols of peace, friendship, freedom, education through collective actions..
Created the worlds largest painting 370 X 280 ft to the children of Pakistan , which read
Dear Children of Pakistan let us join hearts in friendship to create a new world, signed by one million children in India and Pakistan.
Son of Michelangelo Current Ceramic sculpture exhibition at Oloumuc Czech republic.

Endeavoring to build cost effective housing and develop Child Architecture. Specializing
In Mud and stone Architecture.
Designed and built the Born Free School in Bangalore rural along with over a thousand Children and youth from 25 schools and colleges and 15 countries. Researching and developing the idea of a Mudgloo house {a house of mud} Based on the traditional Indian akadas ~wrestling academy

Cinema and stage Art Director,
Created sets and stage for major theatrical performances, dance and music events
Art director for Malgudi Days popular Television Serial of RK Narayan for its 56 episodes, shot on 35mm film format,{ English and Hindi}
Art director for feature films all of which received National Awards, Kubbi matthu Iyala {Kannada}, Mane {Hindi}, Muthina hara{Kannada}, Harikeya kuri{Kanada},
Hagalu Vesha{Kannada}, Nakkala Rajakumari{Kannada, Children’s Movie}hagalu Vesha {kannada} iyerkai{ Tamil}
Made a 19 minute film on mime A day in a workers life 1992
Made Documentary film The Writing on the wall 57minutes received special mention in the International Documentary film festival in Trivandrum, in 1993
Made a six minute silent film Basha the lion heart for the Lahore International film festival in 2001.
Made a documentary film of the ballet Spartacus returns.
Made documentary History Expedition bicycling 4040kms in Karnataka, Goa and Tamil Nadu
Made Comedy film as Silent non violent communication film.three stories of Che ~ Che
1 Bonda Boy, 2 Mane Bootha 3 The Ragged dancer
Ananda ~an ode to Joy Created full length feature film
~ Ananda an ode to Joy~
Show red Card to Child Labor, Just a minute film on child labor
The Twins; 28 minute film revealing the myth of child labor on the Secret of Child Labour

Under construction cinema
Peacebycycle : about 35 children cycling from Bangalore to Lahore 3000lms for peace.
Prophets of Peace, on the potential III world war
Angels of Hell~ on the politics of exclusion and Dalit untouchability.
The Rainbow~ Full length feature film on the children of the mines.

Lyricist, composed played and made Eight music albums
1~Anthem of the ants, 2~Born in Gondwanaland 3~Spartacus returns. 4~Many hearts one soul, 5~Yelli Yedelli{ translations of world classics.,} 6~Songs of freedom, 7~Dance for Liberation.8 Heiwa Zou resha

Created over 25 000 pictures and held exhibitions in Austria, Hungary, Germany, USA, UK, Yugoslavia and India.
Conceptualized the OLAL ~Of Legacies and Legends a photographic project to create
Child Historians and to record dreams and aspirations of Working and street children.
Through 100 workshops in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Lokomanya Tilak Express 2004 August, a photographic exhibition of children on the train from Bangalore to Mumbai.
I’m Homeless~ photographic Images of Homeless people around the world
God is great, Trees are greater Photographic images of trees of the Angkor wat temple,
Earth for all Photographs of birds who can live harmoniously together.
Life: Film made up of Photographs of nature{under construction.
Playwright, Actor, Puppeteer
With a motive of Education through Entertainment and entertainment through education,
Created fantasy puppet dance dramas,
Gondwana Gondwana involving gigantic moving dinosaurs stilt walkers,40 minutes
Children of Gondwanaland on the issue of Working and street children and Literacy.45 minutes
Krishnappa lives again on the acceptance of AIDS afflicted people in society.25 minutes
The Crucifixion of the Mahathma, a short play on the killing of Graham Staines
Lion and the Hunter pantomime on the history of people 7 minutes.
Dharma Pantomime dance using Kalari folk form on religious wars and what is Peace. 12 minutes.
Take my wings and Fly on hunger and freedom 5 minutes
The kite a mime dance on Freedom 12 minutes
The Star on the issue of Materialism and Humanism mime 10 minutes.
The Peasant mime on the question of Suicides Farmers in India 10 minutes.
Black and white dance on the issue of peace and violence two faces of the same coin
Spartacus returns a grand musical spectacle on the issue of the liberation of the Modern Slavery
~ the working and street children.120 minutes involving `140 actors.
Shiroi Hana~an twentysix minute powered packed ballet on the Nuclear Holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Heiwa Zou Resha ~ 90 minutes spectacle. A circus Dance Theater Musical on Environment ~children, war and Peace.
Performed 30 shows across Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at Ground Zero, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Tokyo

Facilitator and consultant for culture, youth and children’s organization and events
Founder and Artistic Director of Janothsava a peoples cultural organization from 1983
Made up of professionals, Students, Youth and children, with a special composition of street and working children. Performed hundreds of shows to more than a million people face to face,
The Aesthetic philosophy of the Theater of the Ragi ball eaters{ a millet from south India} is to create not white not black but the beautiful brown color of all the people of the world to create a humane egalitarian society free of hunger and strife. To take up the cause of education and literacy through Art.
Organized the Oceans of Joy a festival of peace, which takes place every year in December.
The stage is made available to all those who would like to make an artistic statement on peace.
Led a 50 member performing group to create Gondwanaland and staged 30 shows across Austria, Hungary and Germany. Head Organizer of the United Games of Nations In India whose theme is
“If man can Create conditions for war he is also capable of creating conditions for peace” It is an annual children’s and youth exchange to build bridges of trust and friendship through non competitive games and dialogue.
Conducted workshops in Bangalore for Korean, Italian,Japanese. Singaporean, Youth delegations.
Artistic Facilitator for the first Millennium congress of Youth in Hawaii wherein 1000 youth from 250 countries met in 1999.
Facilitator with a performance at the first Global Congress of Child Laborers held at Florence from
the 10th to 13th May 2004 in which 1500 children from 55 countries participated.
Founder Director of Artists United, a professional Art action collective.
Founder, Artistic Director of Bornfree Art School International, Bangalore, teaching sculptures, drawing, painting, theater, music, dance, photography and videography. August 2005~
Peaceboat, a cruising peace mission. Conducted Art workshops, on the 56th and 59th voyage for a 1000 passengers and lectured in the Global university on board. Ref
Peacebycycle : Led a team of 30 children cyclists from Bangalore to Lahore on the theme From Bangalore to Lahore one ore one heart for Peace and friendship with the people of Pakistan covering a distance of 2800kms.

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John Devaraj, or John Devraj
Ananda an ode to Joy~
Worlds Largest love letter/
History Expedition
Peacebycycle. India
Ananda an ode to joy~on Youtube
Show red card to Child labour ~on Youtube.

Artist Statement

Artists United
M a n i f e s t o
When social values and anarchy prevailed in a decadent society, there was chaos and moral degradation Moses came down from the mountain With the Ten Commandments, sculpted on stone showing the path to life, that even today holds much truth. Here in the 21st century in the covenant of the Artist’s hearts I lay the purpose and philosophy of art.

Ten commandments of Art

I Art is Humanity.
Art has to be in the service of Humans and nature. By its expressions it humanizes the world.
II Art Unites
It emphasizes togetherness and negates individualism. It destroys all walls and artificial materialistic barriers it raises the collective consciousness and knits together the human fabric.
III Art is heart.
Art is the heart throb of the human soul, pulsating and keeping alive the cultural continuity of civilizations.
IV Art is Beauty.
Art is beauty, as “ Man creates in accordance with the laws of beauty”. The state of beauty has to be established by creating conditions, which will nourish it’s flourishing. It will espouse holistic human values of Love, sharing, Caring, peaceful coexistence, Respect nature.
V Art is joy.
Art celebrates life. It does not discriminate humanity on the state of its being, color, beliefs and place of occurrence It beholds the goodness of the humans and promotes bondage.
VI Art is power
Art is the embodiment of the creative power of the artist reflecting social life and therefore it empowers and emboldens those who behold it.
VII Art is united
Art is the repository of the emotive folk spirit of civilization
VIII Art is childhood eternal
Art is the epitome of childhood. It is high fantasy, unadulterated futuristic. It is born from the womb of the child’s imagination seeking out the pure and innocence of life. It is playful by nature.
It heralds the freedom of children from toil. Art is child liberator.
IX Art is revolutionary.
Art questions hitherto all accepted truths with such fundamental notions. It critically questions the contradictions in society; it nurtures enthusiasm and motivates change. Hence art will negate all that is ugly to humanity, poverty, hunger, exploitation of man-by-man, war, violence, greed, hatred and jealousy, physical and mental slavery.
X Art is prophetic
Art is prophetic and the artist the prophet. It brings into this world all that is new and noble.

My Artist Video

// Peacbycycle~// Ananda an ode to Joy~// Worlds Largest love letter

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