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Jules arrived in the Northwest in 1985 from her home state of Ohio. She began working for established local ceramic jewelry artists before developing and selling her own jewelry and pottery. Her sculptural pop-cartoon painting style in acrylic on wood has evolved steadily over the last twenty-five years, born of the possibilities she found in slab-rolled clay.

From multi-level cutout paintings and three-dimensional murals to concrete/glass mosaic public sculpture, Jules uses every opportunity to combine 2D and 3D for a larger-than-life effect. She created two of the pigs for Seattle's Pike Place Market “Pigs on Parade 2007”. Jules serves as Executive/Gallery Director for the studio/gallery she co-founded in 2006, Lowell Art Works in Everett, WA.

Jules was honored to be chosen 2010 Snohomish County Artist of the Year.
Artist Statement

"My painting style could be described as neo-Dada surreal pop cartoon. I enjoy creating pieces that inhabit the space several doors past mildly absurd, that invite the viewer to temporarily abandon decorum and expectation. I find the freedom I crave in this approach to say anything and everything, or nothing at all loudly, often within the same piece. I work primarily in acrylic on wood I cut out with jigsaw, to make paintings, mural components and furniture. I also work on canvas and paper. (I do adore the Space Needle, though I also enjoy placing it in ridiculous artistic peril.)

Art for me is an extension of my arms and legs. A juxtaposition of objects or an unusual shape is what usually starts my wheels turning. I tend to be initially inspired by the visual, shape and color; meanings usually surface to me later, but occasionally the reverse happens. I'm drawn to curving lines, bright colors, sparkly, shiny things which I collect and hoard in my nest...

I dream about paint*; my sketchbook sleeps beside the bed. Often I find inspiration in the tools themselves; jigsaw, sanders, brushes, airbrush, and hand tools. I love when a piece is about two-thirds done, as it turns that corner from materials to art.
One of my favorite pictures is of Alexander Calder in his cluttered studio, surrounded by bits and pieces of things, raw materials oozing with ideas. What really makes me giddy is to find out that something I've done has planted a seed, inspired someone else to explore a new direction or lit a spark in their imagination. That's what art is about, to me; exponential possibilities.
In addition to painting, illustration, murals, glass mosaic and other public art, currently I am enjoying furniture design/construction and silversmithing."

*I tried dreaming about the jigsaw, but it kept waking me up.

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Bang Zoom 3D Painting with neon

by Joolz Anzleaux

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