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About Jarrod Spicer
An up and coming actor of film, singer, novelist, screenwriter, sculptor and tremendous fan of the arts, Jarrod is always actively seeking ways to express, create and engage.
He is a self taught sculptor who discovered his own medium while on a home renovation project. After removing wallpaper and damaging the walls, a painter tried to make repairs with joint compound, creating large globs to complicate the job even more. Sarcastically Jarrod sculpted an angry face into one of the large globs – discovering the ability to create wall-sculptures from the very materials used to build and repair walls!
Setting himself apart, Jarrod’s Relief Sculptures captivate onlookers with exceptional details and vast size! They captivate both your sense of sight and touch! All his pieces are 100% hand layered and carved. Works are available for lease. He is available for commission.
Artist Statement

“A huge fan of the arts, I am constantly looking for ways to evolve personally through not just sight, but also touch and emotion. Sculpting has become a passion – an ability to not only take notice of my favorite subjects, but to really interact with them. It also allows me to pass that on to my clients who share the same passion for the things that make us who we are. Experiencing beauty should go beyond the sense of sight - you should be able to reach out and touch it and let that energy pass into you.”

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Silver Birch Tree

by Jarrod Spicer

King of the Horses \\\

by Jarrod Spicer

Royal Mocking Jay

by Jarrod Spicer

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