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About John Sterling

In the mid 1990's I started building my own furniture and furnishings. I am a kinesthetic learner so building pieces and seeing the results reinforced my skills and style slowly over time. I learned my craft gradually, by making mistakes, taking risks, experimenting with different techniques, and getting feedback from others.

Artist Statement

My work is reflective of what gives me greatest calm. Form and color can change moods, tactile elements can enhance comfort, and natural elements connect us to earths life giving forces. natural elements add warming touches to our homes

I am passionate about my materials, craft, and beliefs. I want my furniture to embody the principles of purity, honesty, simplicity, and functionality. I strive to dignify the natural grains and defects of my medium. I believe that the things you surround yourself with should connect you to their roots. The naturally occurring defects and organic forms allow you to become in touch with the tree and help to tell its story.

In sum, 20th century architect Irving Gill said it best when he said “any deviation from simplicity results in a loss of dignity.”

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