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About Jules Art & Designs
Education: Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO. BFA in Fine Arts- Painting & Graphic Design

Represented by Artist Haven Gallery, Ft Lauderdale FL 2011-2012

• Represented by Phoebe Marsh Design, Denver CO - 2012-present

• Featured Artist, Self-Centered Yoga Studio, Tucson AZ - July 2012

• Featured Artist, REVOLUTIO Boutique, Tucson AZ - Oct 2012

• Featured Artist, Self-Centered Yoga Studio, Tucson AZ - Dec 2012

Featured Artist, Adorn Me Home Boutique, Denver CO - Sept-Dec 2012

Featured Artist, Balanced Bowenwork Therapy, Tucson AZ - Currently

Painted “live” at SAACA Splash art event, Tucson AZ June 2013

Featured artist “Decide to Fly” Woman’s Career Conference
Dove Mountain Ritz Carlton - Marana, AZ June 2013

• Spark Gallery, Denver CO - 2012
Won entry in National Juried Contest

• Great Frame Up Gallery, Longmont CO - 2012
Won entry in National Juried Contest

• Poudre Gallery and Studios, Fort Collins CO - 2013
Won 2nd place in National Juried Contest

• Jewish Community Center Gallery, Tucson AZ - 2013
Won entry into National Juried Contest by International Rescue Corp.
Themed showed, titled “Sanctuary” in collaborations with Tucson Art Museum

• Kannon Gallery, Denver CO - 2013
Won entry in National Juried Contest- “Various Botanicals”

Publications- http://azstarnet.com/news/local/foothills/splash-to-benefit-youth-arts-education/article_c053a16b-9d8f-5eb8-a0b2-da7190118b9c.html

• International Artist, art on display in Canada, Philippines, Australia, Japan

•Donated art - JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)
Catalina School district 16 Silent Auction Tucson AZ
Evening of the Arts, Ventana Vista Elem. Tucson AZ
Officers Spouse Club, Davis-Monthan AFB Tucson AZ
Youth Opportunity Foundation, Denver CO.
Children’s Museum, Tucson AZ
American Heart Assoc. Charity event Tucson AZ
Rocky Mountain Children’s Cancer Charity, Denver CO
Tu Ni Dito Charity, Tucson AZ
Diamond Children’s Charity, Tucson AZ
and many others
Artist Statement

I am an artist. I have always felt a creative surge inside my soul. My
strength and weakness show in my work. I desire to be an artist that brings
thought and emotion to the canvas.
Acrylic paint is my preferred medium. The thick consistency, and quick
drying time are two features I like most. Acrylic is very versatile, and resembles oil
paint when gloss sealer is mixed in, and like watercolor paint when diluted. My
acrylic color palette is bold, bright and demands attention. Color carries some of
the emotion in my art, but the use of a palette knife really helps me release my
thoughts, letting go of control and perfection.
Honestly, I am a perfectionist. I put pressure on myself to be perfect. When
I paint, I try to let that all go. I mix the colors on the canvas, drip and splatter the
canvas.. pull and push the acrylic around. When my nished piece feels abstract
to my audience, then I have achieve success!
My journey through life has been rich, and has deeply impacted my
approach to the canvas. I always knew I wanted to be an artist, and declared art
my major on the rst day of college. My adult life has felt like an abstract painting.
I am married to an Air Force pilot, moving around the country, and mothering our
four children, while “starting over” in new places, and surviving deployments.
Words that describe the passion I bring to my paintings... love, strength, sacrice,
happiness, loneliness, joy, overwhelmed, proud, weak, scared, and blessed...

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Letting Go

by Jules Art & Designs


by Jules Art & Designs


by Jules Art & Designs

Tidal Pools

by Jules Art & Designs

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