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About Julia Justo
Julia Justo is an Argentine visual artist based in New York.
She combines digital technology, embroidery and collage to create mixed media works, often working from vintage pictures that give her work a sense of history, she uses them to illustrate the flow of time and to throw light on current social conflicts.
She believes that present social struggles are rooted in the past and her role as an artist is to give society the tools to resist discrimination and to protest all other injustices.
She holds a MFA from University of Argentina. Her awards include a 2017 Certificate of Recognition from Laura Phipps, Curator, The Whitney Museum of American Art; an Award of Merit from Frank Buffalo Hyde and a Buenos Aires Museum Award among others.
She has shown extensively in the USA and abroad.
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Monarch Butterfly in your Hand work on paper by Julia Justo

by Julia Justo

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