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Julie Lemons

Bennet, NE

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About Julie Lemons

My art experience began with the help of my mother. She supplied the materials, guidance, and taught me how to color within the lines when I was two and helped me paint my first oil painting when I was three. I was later raised in Missouri and continued my art at North Platte R-1 in Missouri.

Encouraging others in art is important to me. It also helps to keep my imagination alive by being involved in local galleries, the Lincoln Artistsí Guild, the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs, and designing Graphics for over 29 yrs. My husband, family and friends are my best supporters and critics of my work. Being a successful artist is having faith in God and having His love shine through my art. My pastel works may be found at Noyes Art Gallery; in the Lincoln Aristsí Guild sponsored shows; in my studio; and various venues throughout Nebraska.

Artist Statement

People and animals intrigue my heart. Capturing the heart of the subjects starts with the look in their eyes. The eyes or expressions usually become the focal point of my work. I also enjoy the numerous variations of color, lines, and contrast in flowers. The challenge is to layer the medium to a level that it touches the heart of the viewer.

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by Julie Lemons