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I am a painter and I work in watercolors and acrylics. People are a specialty of mine and I enjoy painting portraits in a new and interesting way. When I paint a portrait or painting, I try to capture the feel of the subjects persona and sometimes I will just let the medium lead the way with a minimal amount of direction from me. I think paintings are like life, the best comes with planning and thought but it's the unexpected that makes it exciting, interesting and unforgettable.
I recently started working in Ceramics because I have a dream to one day open my own gallery and paint your own ceramics business. I have found working with ceramics very challenging and have learned that you must think and plan for your work more so than working with paintings. I must say it is making me stand up to the challenge and my work is off to a good start and I hope to make respectable ceramic artist of myself as well. I have some interesting things planned for them as also. I hope you will enjoy my work wether it be a painting or a functional or design ceramic piece.


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Liz, One of the Skin Deep Series

by Juliet Mcclain


by Juliet Mcclain


by Juliet Mcclain

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