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Artist Statement

My name is Giulia and I am now an artist, a childcare student and a waitress. I am studying in childcare because one day I would like to teach art to special needs children. I have produced a lot of artworks since I have moved to London and, despite my busy life I have never stopped to create my art. I displayed my artworks in different places, galleries and venues such as The Candid art Trust gallery, Talent art Fair, Brick Lane and Parallax art Fair, Kensington.

Once finished my art studies in Sardinia (Italy) I have worked on realistic paintings and drawings that did not really make me happy because I felt like this was for me like an exercise from school.
My art literally exploded just when I moved to London.
As a first experience in London I did express my disappointment about my feelings, which were totally destroyed by the new life, new language and new experience. Fish out of the Water was my first collection in London. I have made 100 paintings with fishes that I put everywhere. Every single fish was representing my emotions, my bad feelings.
However, my emotional sensitivity about the new life in London I have never thought to come back to Italy, where I did not have any chance to develop my own art.

I have started to study from zero and I have actually achieved any qualifications I wanted. I have worked very hard in different places from fast food to Michelin starred and luxory restaurants and many others. Therefore, have enough money to get all art supplies I needed to continue painting and have all that small and big experience that shape up my life.

I have traveled a lot and I have visited many countries such as North America, Canada, Egypt, Europe in general as a road trip and I have also walked in the Spiritual Camino de Santiago from France to Spain, then I jumped to Iceland and lastly I visited Japan.

Here I go, I have created my own style,my precious,priceless expression of my soul. Philosophy of Lines is the whole essence of my life and my experience with it.

I have started to see shapes and forms in the middle of random lines which appear confusing on the paper. Then I tried to use my fervid imagination to make sense of my mess. Afterward everything in my mind was clear and unequivocal simple and direct.

I have made more than 700 drawings with ink on paper and 100 oil paintings on canvas.

I found my artworks incredibly strong and fragile at the same time. Where the movement of Lines creates a human shape that can dance, run and live in it.

Everything I made is behaving exactly as in my mind is working.

Every single situation, I have experience is now on paper or on canvas.

I love to express myself through this random Lines from which I can see my entire life in any action.

I love the contact with the nature in which I believe in, it makes me think and understand the world around me.
I grew up in a large family in Sardinia (Wild West coast) and I used to play outside with my brothers, I have fantastic memories about my childhood and even though the life in Italy wasn't easy I think that shaped me into a very disciplined person with a very strong principles.
This is the reason why I have never given up my art even when the life was very hard.

My intention is to keep my art alive because it makes me feel emotionally better.

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Trip, Oil colours on canvas,2013 by Giulia Marras

Trip, Oil colou...

by Giulia Marras


Jumping, Oil colours on canvas, 2013 by Giulia Marras

Jumping, Oil co...

by Giulia Marras