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Junia Jewelry

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About Junia Jewelry
I am a designer who loves creating and designing jewelry since I was a little girl. I was always attracted to the arts and crafts until finally in 2008 this fascination became what today is JUNIA JEWELRY.

My love for crafts has become a passion for art and beautiful things. When I design a piece of jewelry, always think with emotion about that special person who will wear my design. Each piece is created with dedication, attention to detail and lots of love, but always being creative, using different textures, colors, techniques and mixing them to get a very unique piece of jewelry.

I am originally from Colombia and Colombians are artisans by nature!

My inspiration comes from the Colombian nature, from our forests, our rainforests, our seas, our landscapes filled with color and texture, and that special smell that indicates that you are surrounded by pure nature. But most of all, my inspiration comes from what I've learned in my travels around the world, from personal contact with each of the human beings who have had the privilege of knowing, their customs and their ways of seeing the world around us.

I strongly believe that each of us dwells a sensitive and talented creator. Thanks for visiting JUNIA JEWELRY.

Please follow me at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Junia-Colombian-Handmade-Jewelry/213394858689950, and Twitter: www.Twitter.com/juniajewelry
Artist Statement

Each piece is designed and hand-crafted with genuine talent and attention to details. Our goal is create one of a kind piece of jewerly using materiales such as 990% sterling silver, bronze, steel and some of the pieces have an 24K gold layer as well as different kinds of gemstones.

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Ruffles in gold

by Junia Jewelry

African Inspiration Necklace

by Junia Jewelry

Fairy Set

by Junia Jewelry

Daisy Flower Earrings

by Junia Jewelry

Daisy Flower Bracelet

by Junia Jewelry

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