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About Kajal Zaveri

Kajal Zaveri was born in India and currently resides in California. She has worked in various corporate positions for many years, however since the last few years, she has been pursuing painting as a full time career. She is largely a self-taught artist who enjoys the lack of rules in art, which makes her work free flowing, uninhibited, bold and colorful. Her medium of choice is oils and her painting style is a mix of abstract and semi abstract portrayals of nature, with a fresh, modern rendering, of something familiar, and known, yet abstract enough for modern sensibilities. Her artwork resonates with celebration and joy. The subject matter of her work is largely inspired by nature; this could be the boundless horizons or the wide uninterrupted landscapes, the magnificence of the deep, blue, ocean water, the beauty of the changing seasons, towns dotted along the unending coastlines and ocean fronts, and many such wonderful, special encounters that she has on a daily basis and gets to translate onto canvas. The colors and styling of her pieces evoke that sense of gratitude, joy, amazement, and wonderment that she feels every day and that is what she aspires to share with the viewer. Her work can be found at various private collections, both is the USA and internationally