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Kathleen Sidwell

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About Kathleen Sidwell
Kathleen Sidwell was born in 1946 in Denver, Colorado. She attended the University of Colorado and earned her BA in History, minoring in Philosophy and Education. In the early 80's, she was a student at Southern Methodist University and was a BFA candidate and a Special Student in Sculpture and Printmaking. Continuing her education in 1991, she attended Bershire School of Contemporary Art in North Adams, Massachusetts, studying large scale monotypes, video, and installation art. Kathleen's continuing thirst for knowledge led her to Bellevue Community College, where she received a Certificate in Public Art.

A world traveler, Kathleen has lived in many different parts of the US, including Seattle, New Orleans, Dallas, and now, Brewster. She has also visited quite a few other parts of the world, including China, Japan, Greece, Mexico, Nicaragua, Germany, and Spain.

Kathleen has a unique style all her own. She is known for her dreamlike abstract prints, and her thick, sculptural paintings. Along with making art, she has played a major role in many art communities; She worked on a three year collaborative installation and performance piece in Tacoma, Washington, Video Installations and Public Installations in Houston, Texas, and has taught printmaking courses at the Cape Cod Museum of Art.
Artist Statement

Art is a reflection of the inner world made manifest in the outer. It is powerful in its ability to change our view of the world. It is beauty for the sake of beauty, and dreamlike in its ability to change our state of mind. It evokes a transformation when it takes us from our preconceived theories into a suspended moment of conciousness, when we newly see the miracle of phenomena around us. I seek to engage the viewer and transport them newly into their own perception, to look anew at the world around them and see it clearly for the first time, as if with new eyes.

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monotype tryptich

by Kathleen Sidwell

The miracle of the deep sea

by Kathleen Sidwell

Large Scale Contemporary Abstract Paintings

by Kathleen Sidwell

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