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About Kathlene Melvin

I was born in Rota Spain in 1965 as my father was in the Navy. Born premature, at just under 4 pounds, I believe is what caused a life long history of medical problems.
I have spent most of my working time in the medical field. I loved helping people. I still do and if I can help one person a day and make them feel better then I'm happy. Due to having epilepsy and not fully controlled by meds and other medical problems I'm unable to work any more. I volunteer on and off, when I can, to help make a difference.
I turned to drawing at around 8 yrs old. Then went on to charcoal and pen and ink. I started painting around the age of 35.
Painting is not only very enjoyable but it is therapeutic.
I have donated some of my paintings to raise money for charities, sold them in hospitals and art exhibits.
Though it's become painful to paint I continue to do it because the positives outway the negatives.

Artist Statement

Helping one person a day in turn helps everyone.