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About kathy deRosas
Kathy deRosas is an interdisciplinary artist. Her memories of childhood are filled with watching her grandmother drawing in pen and ink; her great uncle filming every family event; her mother sitting at the dining room table sewing clothes for her daughters; and her father playing the cornet every evening in the living room. This is her foundation of creativity.

She began her art training as a jeweler and studied at City College in San Francisco and California College of the Arts in O Oakland, CA. She shifted from designing and making jewelry to sculpture.

She received her MFA in 2011 from John F. Kennedy University from the Arts and Consciousness program with an emphasis in sculpture and installation.

She primarily works in the genre of sculpture and installation. Her work is transforms spaces through the use of fabric and paper that are containers for matter like salt, honey, dirt, spices and powders. Her installations are living containers and evoke a sensuous and corporal relationship for the viewer.

She lives and maintains a studio in Oakland, CA at the hive studios in the historical Jack London Square. She participates in the Oakland Murmur www.oaklandmurmur.org on the first Friday of every month.
Artist Statement

My sculptures are playful, poetic and tender narratives of my experiences and discoveries of the sensuous. They are living containers evoking beauty and curiosity through time and process.
I combine unusual, irresistible and ephemeral materials like red pom-poms, dirt, piano wire, honey, salt, thread, beeswax, string and found objects in ways that embody the laborious, cyclical, repetitive and rhythmic processes. The essence of the processes is interrelated with the actions of sifting, funneling, separating, sorting, discarding, and suspension. The subtle processes create an animated, experiential space that evokes curiosity and memory for the viewer.

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Formed Elements

by kathy deRosas

Randomness of Time

by kathy deRosas

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