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Katelyn Reed

Mead, WA


About Katelyn Reed

Katelyn Reed is a 23-year old multidimensional artist and secondary teacher.
She works with many medias including visual art, poetry and writing, sound, dance and performance.
Her passion for the creative process and belief in its relevance to life and education drew her to the education field. She has a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts Education with a minor endorsement in English Education.

Artist Statement

"Art gives me direction. I work in any medium that strikes my interest and expresses the heart of my ideas; be they silly and light-hearted, or painful and deeply felt. All of my work contains elements of who I am, and the life journey I am on."

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The World is Our Plaything digital collage by Katelyn Reed

The World is Ou...

by Katelyn Reed


Dream and Look, oil pastel drawing by Katelyn Reed

Dream and Look,...

by Katelyn Reed


What Hurts Most, pastel drawing by Katelyn Reed

What Hurts Most...

by Katelyn Reed