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Kentucky Cutting Board


Jennifer and Bill Adams craft these boards from Appalachian Maple, American Cherry and Hickory. All of our cutting boards are made from sustainable yield hardwoods and support our region’s hardwood industry. The side or back of every board is stamped with our signature horseshoe brand to identify each piece as an authentic Kentucky Cutting Board. Inlay woods are both domestic and exotic. Boards are crafted in our flooring manufacturing facility in Louisville, KY using a CNC Router and other woodworking equipment.

My Artist Statement

Kentucky Cutting Boards was created in 2007 by Jennifer and Bill Adams. Bill has been creating inlaid hardwood flooring for a 20+ years. Jennifer has been working as a marketing professional for non-profit organizations for 20+ years.

All components are made by us and those who work with us. Although it is perfectly safe to cut and serve on the inlaid side of our cutting, cheese and bread boards, we recommend that customers display the inlaid side and flip over to cut on the reverse unadorned side.

My Location

I am located in Louisville, KY.

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