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Born: 1977, Kingston, Jamaica
Nationality: Jamaican /Trinidadian
Secondary Education: St. Anthony’s College (Trinidad), Campion College (Jamaica)
Tertiary Education: Edna Manley College of the Visual Arts (Jamaica).
Studied Graphic Arts, before discovering the freedom of the fine art of Painting.
Graduated from EMC in the year 2000 with honors in painting.
Freelance Graphic Designer.
Freelance Production Designer and Art Director.
Awarded the title Artist of the Year for Artists Under 40 Competition (The Jury’s Selection), hosted by the Mutual Gallery (Jamaica), 2002.
Exhibited in Germany, Mexico, USA, Cayman, Jamaica.

My Artist Statement

For me there is no separation between LIFE and ART, the person and the artist.
Without question, art is a representation of artists’ experiences and thoughts.
My work is a translation/distortion of what i see, hear or experience.
Or rather what i see hear or experience is the distortion, and the work, the realization.
By that I mean – at times what I see seems surreal but when transferred to the medium it feels real.
Ask 10 individuals what LIFE is and it's quite likely you'll get 10 differing answers.
For something that's so definite there's no definite understanding.
But It’s like that with any topic/incident/event.
And here begins the concept of my approach to Art.
My application mimics this idea of uncertainty.
The incomplete lines, the visible underdrawings, the lucid coloring, the overlaid lines, all speak the language of ambiguity.

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I am located in Kingston, .

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