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Kim McAninch

Pittsburgh, PA


About Kim McAninch

Kim McAninch, B.F.A., Surface Pattern Design, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio – Kim’s affiliations include Pittsburgh Society of Artists, American Women Artists, Woman Made Gallery in Chicago and the National Association of Women Artists. Working full-time, she welcomes visitors to her studio in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Her background as a fabric, wallpaper and interior designer has laid the groundwork for her decorative paintings which display Expressionistic color and emotion. Her work may be found in select galleries and is collected worldwide. Learn more on her website,

Artist Statement

I am exhilarated by the visual dance between the figurative and abstract. My body of work fulfills my natural, uninhibited desire to scratch the surface in a gestural, painterly manner toward accuracy, offering more information with less detail. I realize the principles that govern each piece of my art will not be applicable in the next. Each is a journey unto its own. I believe that it is the constant, tightening of the process throughout a lifetime of creating that makes an artist’s work unique, closer to one’s own, more virtuous. I am using my unique voice, striving for harmony of color and rhythm in each composition, offered from my head & heart.