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Don & Louise

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About Don & Louise
Don and Louise have working in metal since 2003. They started with jewelry, but since 2013 their concentration has been on hollow ware, flatware and dining and serving pieces. They are creating future heirlooms for the home that are meant to be used for generations

As an engineer, Don brings attention to detail and precision in craftsmanship to everything he does. Louise’s background is in arts and education and her approach is a constant questioning of the materials and their possibilities both accidental and by design.

Their work has received awards in numerous juried shows, recognition in exhibitions and been featured in national and regional magazines and newspapers. They were featured along with 39 other craftsmen in the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi in the 40th Anniversary book, "i am a craftsman: 40 at 40".

Every piece is a collaboration that combines each individual's skills and design perspective. Inspiration for the work comes from their days of travel on their boat and the surroundings of their tiny home on the river that they hand built.

Each piece is inspired not just by nature, but by the constant changes of the river out their back door and the woods out their front door.

Rooted in time-honored techniques, pieces showcase the natural beauty of the materials and elements influenced by the excitement of an idea, design or technique. They see each piece as a journey and every trip into the studio as an adventure.
Artist Statement

Working with metals as a medium is almost intoxicating. It is the thousand possibilities and the beauty of the metals, but sometimes it is just that we get to play with fire - every metal smith we know is a bit of a firebug.

Nature is our inspiration as it is with most craftsmen - not simply the fact of nature, but the seasonal changes or the sweep of a bird's wing. These things influence a shape, texture or color used in my holloware, flatware and jewelry.

Every piece is a collaboration. We use the most basic of tools to form the metals - just a simple hammer and dished out stump or some steel tools.

Many of our serving pieces feature the historical technique of chasing and repousse' to provide design accents to a bowl, ladle or spoon. Some pieces explode spontaneously from the hammer or torch while others are developed through modeling and sketching.

Simply learning techniques and using materials is just not enough. The cauldron of creativity, craftsmanship and choice of materials is fired with a passion for the work. Each piece is a journey and every trip into the studio is an adventure!

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