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KLM Ceramics

Laguna Niguel, CA

About KLM Ceramics

Kim trained in England, where she exhibited and taught ceramics. Since moving to California, Kim has developed a new direction for her work introducing new shapes, deep carving and piercing of the surface so that her vessels have a sculptural quality. Her building technique is labor intensive but gives Kim the shapes and qualities she seeks. Each piece is unique which is the central principle of her work. Kim works from her home studio in Laguna Niguel, Southern California.

Artist Statement

All my vessels are hand built, without use of molds or formers. Each piece is coil built, which gives me the freedom and control to explore the form I am seeking.
Grace and poise are the main elements that run throughout my work, whether it is a clay vessel or a mixed media sculpture.
Uniqueness is central to all my work. It is very important to me that every piece has a personality of its own whilst remaining true to my aim for elegance. The use of color, texture and detail allow each piece to reveal a different aspect of itself every time it is viewed.

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