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About Kristen Hoard
I love metal’s variety in shape, color, and texture. Aluminum is
soft and oh so shiny; steel is organic and reactive to patina; copper
brings a new world of color to metal. I see endless possibilities in
metal and I never fear running out of inspiration.

Evolving into more organic abstract shapes, my work expresses a zen
like sense of calm and tranquility. The addition of fire to my
sculptures gives them a whole new dimension at night. A cold metal
piece stands beautiful alone, but when flame is added, it transforms
into something warm and mysterious. As humans, we are fascinated with
fire; it is beautiful, warm, dangerous, and draws the viewer in with
its never ending dance of flame.

Color is another evolutionary step in my artwork, using a variety of
dyes and patinas. The dyes add a bright, vibrant color that brings the
metal to life in varied shades. The patinas react unexpectedly with
the metal; I never know what exactly will happen and that’s where I
reach what I call “metalphoria”… a feeling of great pleasure
induced by the act of playing with metal.

My goal is for the viewer to be moved by the work, whether it’s a
silly whimsical piece that makes them laugh, or an organic sculpture
that evokes a connection to the universe in a way that words can’t
express. My hope is that people come away from my artwork feeling
positive and that perhaps, just by experiencing it, they feel a sense
of wonderment and beauty, even if only for a moment.
Artist Statement

My artwork is ever evolving, but always focused on recycled metal. My
favorite part of the process is going to metal scrap yards, sifting
through piles of metal and finally finding that perfect treasure. I
love knowing that something that once was going to waste will now be
transformed into a beautiful work of art.

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