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Kristen Ulla Grunewald

Woodland Hills, CA


About Kristen Ulla Grunewald

Kristen Ulla Grunewald comes from a European line of artists. Her grandfather Herbert Grunewald was a plein air painter in Switzerland. Her father Helmut Grunewald migrated to America in the early 1900's where he also pursued landscape painting. Her desire is to continue to paint with the name "Grunewald" and to make her grandfather and father proud.

Artist Statement

When I was a teenager a well known artist told me to "paint your hates." I prefer to paint what I love. I hope my art brings you all good, positive energy.
Art has the power to change the world. I hope that my art can make a little bit of a difference in your life by, when you look at it, taking you away to a happier place in your mind.